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Further to the estimate of the first slice, a program of rehabilitation and support was set up :

 Common program :

  • Regeneration of 16 drillings
  • Placing of a water economy network over 1152 ha
  • Maintenance of the main networks of irrigation and drainage
  • Placing of a popularization cell

 At the small areas level :

  • Replacement of dead refusals
  • Protection of the small areas
  • Operations of levelling and backfilling
  • Maintenance of the secondary networks
  • Supply of inputs

 At the assignees level :

  • Insure a minimal income to the assignees thanks to a monthly premium according to the degree of entrance in production of the small area and for the respect for the contract's clauses.

 At the ODRM level :

  Signature of the cooperation agreements with the specialized institutes :

  • Institute of the Dry Regions
  • National Institute of Agronomic Searches
  • Institute of Searches on the Palm Tree
  • Office of the Breeding
  • Institute of the Olive Tree
  • Establishment of Searches and Agricultural Higher Educations
  • Technical Centre of Biologic Agriculture
  • National Centre of Remote Detection



 At the associative activities level :

  • Construction of 4 premises for the Associations of Collective Interest  (ACI)
  • City toll of a bottom of movement for every association of collective interest
  • Training's days organization in aid of the farmers and ACI members
  • Approach of the administrative departments to the local population 
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