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2500 ha of desert ground were highlighted by means of the plantation of palm trees, to attribute them to the farmers at the rate of 1.5 ha by beneficiary with a rural housing.

The project’s objectives :

  • Fighting against the desertification by the creation of a green cordon between the great oriental erg and «Chott El-Jerid»
  • Fixing the nomad population by improving their life conditions
  • Creating new jobs
  • Easing the old oases
  • Increasing the date’s production : 20000 tons of «Deglet Nour»

 The realization phases :

  • Experimental phase of 300 ha in «Rjim Maâtoug» and «Matrouha» ( 1984-1987 )
  • First slice of 1152 ha : (1990-2001)
  • Second slice of 1008 ha : (2002-2009)
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