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The desert character which contained Rjim Maâtoug's region could not allow a source of life. The area was frequented by a nomad population.

Since the 70s of previous century, a very important groundwater in the western south of Tunisia was discovered (common resources with Algeria and Libya, and covering 1000000 km2). A such discovery activated an operation of experiment through the realization of three drillings in 1984 which allowed to highlight 300 hectares (ha) of palm trees plantations in Rjim Maâtoug's zone and «Matrouha».

This experience which was realized by appropriate means of the Tunisian government and which aimed at the settlement of the border zone's population, gave a full satisfaction.

Once the socioeconomic study was elaborated within the framework of a guiding plan for the valuation of the waters of the South and through a global vision of the country’s development, the great project of development of Rjim Maâtoug aiming at the development of 2500 ha of palm trees plantations was thrown launched.

The realization of this project was confided to the (ODRM), one of the Establishments of the Ministry of Defence.

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