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The assignee promises in :

ARTICLE 1 : To irrigate the totality of the small area according to the water tour which will be established by the ODRM and the Grouping with Collective Interest
ARTICLE 2 : To insure all the cultural operations, to look well after the palm plantation, according to a calendar fixed by the ODRM
ARTICLE 3 : To set up fodder and market garden cultures (the 1/3 of the small area)
ARTICLE 4 : To value the fertilizer in the small area by respecting deposits and recommendations proposed by the ODRM
ARTICLE 5 : To Work in narrow collaboration with the ODRM by respecting the defined work program :

  • Taking into account technical recommendations of the popularizer
  • Informing the ODRM of all the statistical data which concern small area

ARTICLE 6 : To keep all the plantations and the hydraulic equipments in good condition
ARTICLE 7 : To inform the ODRM of all the technical difficulties or the phyto-sanitary problems which can take place at the level of plantations or of livestock
ARTICLE 8 : To inform the ODRM a week before the harvest, in case of the desire for a help for marketing of the small area‘s products
ARTICLE 9 :To inform the ODRM in case of introduction of new cultures or other types of breeding except the proposed program
ARTICLE 10 : To facilitate the task of the ODRM every time that it considers useful to cremate or to remove a plantation which presents a danger for the rest of the palm plantation
ARTICLE 11 : To participate in fight against the insects, devastating and all the possible diseases
ARTICLE 12 : Allow the ODRM to control attributed awarded small area
ARTICLE 13 : To participate in the programs of training and popularization organized in aid of the assignees
ARTICLE 14 : An annual premium of encouragement will be granted to the three better assignees of every unity of 72 ha, on the basis of the obtained annual note :

- 1st price : the sum of monthly premiums obtained during the year
- 2nd price : 50 % of the sum of monthly premiums obtained during the year
- 3rd price : 25 % of the sum of monthly premiums obtained during the year

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